Josh's Frogs - a Green Business

Josh’s Frogs is committed to Green Practices across our business. As a business, we want to leave the smallest footprint we possibly can. We believe it is our responsibility as stewards of our planet to do so.

Josh’s Frogs reuses as many boxes as possible. We collect boxes at the local schools and area businesses. We use as many of them as are safe to use for shipping. This cuts down on waste in our community.

We use recycled newspaper as packing material in all of our shipments. Packing peanuts fill our landfills and take generations to decompose.

Our frogroom is kept below ground in order to minimize heating and cooling. While we have an Air Conditioner in our frogroom for the safety of our frogs, it has not kicked on for 2 years. Instead of heating/cooling individual vivaria, we position them higher/lower in the room, so they are kept at the desired temperature.

We use efficient lighting such as T-8s, T-5s, and compact fluorescents.

We collect Styrofoam shippers from the veterinarian clinics in our community and reuse them in shipping frogs and feeder insects. We’d love for this to replace our own Styrofoam shippers and are working on ways to work with other businesses that use these coolers for shipments in order to recycle and reuse as many of them as possible.

Josh’s Frogs recycles all of the cardboard and paper waste we do produce and are not able to reuse ourselves.

We’d love to hear back from you on ideas to leave an even smaller footprint. What are you doing in your frog keeping to reduce your footprint?

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