How secure is

I just had a customer question whether my site was secure or not because they didn’t have the padlock icon on the bottom of their browser, so I thought with holiday season coming, I would write up a little bit about security and how you know a page you are looking at is secure. uses the highest security available on the web today. The sad part is that not all sites go to the lengths that we have here to make sure your information stays secure.

First off, the lock icon has moved on your browser (if you are using firefox or IE 7). Security info is now next to the address bar at the top of the screen and the lock is bigger now. You can also right click on the page to get security info by clicking on “View Page Info” in Firefox and “Properties” in IE 7.

Secondly, secure pages begin with https: instead of http:. If you are being asked to login, enter in your address or credit card info, make sure the page begins with https:.

Thirdly, I highly recommend opening up a browser and typing in an address instead of relying on a link in an email. Because they could be doing this:

If you are on a page asking you to login or give your payment info and you don’t see the padlock and the page begins with http: instead of https:, then it is best to move on.

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