Shipping Frogs

Shipping for any number of frogs is just $39.99.

Frogs are shipped via FedEx Overnight and are delivered by 10:30am Tuesday through Friday to most locations. Josh's Frogs does not ship frogs internationally.

Scheduling of frog order is dependant on your availability and weather. Josh's Frogs will call you to schedule frog orders before any orders are shipped out, to ensure you will be there to receive the animals when they arrive, and to check your local weather conditions.

Shipping for any number of frogs is a flat rate $39.99. This includes postage, a box with 1" styrofoam insulation, gel packs, and heat/ice packs and phase 22 panels if necessary. Josh's Frogs has been shipping frogs since 2004, and has shipped thousands of animals safely. We have a special contract with FedEx to ship live animals directly to residential addresses.

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