How do I dust Feeder Insects?

Dusting feeder insects is simple, easy, and will go a long way to ensuring your pet reptiles or amphibians get a proper diet. Remember, there is not a single vitamin/mineral supplement that will fulfill all of the nutritional requirements for your pet reptile or amphibian - roate through different supplements when you feed. For example, if feeding 3 times a week, feed RepCal Calcium plus D3 on Monday, Repashy Calcium Plus on Wednesday, then RepCal Herptivite on Friday.



1. Feed your feeder insects a high quality, nutritious gutload, such as Josh's Frogs Cricket Food, for at least 48 hours before offering them to your pet.



2. Place a small amount of vitamin or mineral supplement in a feeding cup, such as a 32oz insect cup. Make sure to discard any supplement that is not used immediately.



3. Place a small amount of feeder insects in the cup.



4. Shake lightly to ensure that the supplement lightly coats all of the feeder insects.



5. Carefully pour feeder insects into your reptile or amphibian's enclosure. Attempt to retain as much loose supplement in the cup as possible. It may be wise to place a small feeding dish, or something similar, in your pet's enclosure to pour the feeder insects into. The dish will catch any loose supplement that falls into the cage.



6. Do not feed any more insects that your pet can eat in a day. You do not want loose feeder insects (especially crickets) in the enclosure when your pet is asleep. Loose feeder insects can stress or physically harm your pet.

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