Is dusting with supplements all I need to do to keep my pets healthy?

While dusting is an important step in contributing to the health and well being of your pet reptile or amphibian, other steps must be taken to ensure that your pet gets the best diet that you can provide. The following list are additional steps you can take to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life:


1. Feed a variety of prey items

Don't stop at dusting - provide as diverse variety of feeders insects (and vegetables, if you have an omnivorous or herbivorous reptile) whenever possible.Crickets, mealworms, superworms, fruit flies, isopods, springtails, waxworms, hornworms, phoenix worms - there is an endless variety of potential feeder insects out there!


2. Gutload all feeder insects

Your pet is what it eats - and what you feed it! Feed all feeder insects a nutritious diet for at least 48 hours before feeding them out to your pets, by providingJosh's Frogs Cricket Food or Repashy SuperLoad. Provide sweet potato or carrot as a nutrient-rich water source. If culturing Fruit Flies, make sure to use a media that is full of healthy vitamins and minerals, such as Josh's Frogs Fruit Fly Media.


3. Provide an adequate habitat and living conditions for your pet

Perhaps the most important step you can take for your pet reptile or amphibian, proper care starts with a proper habitat. Ensure your pet has a large enoughenclosure, proper substrate, correct lightinghides/decor, a water dish, and heating if needed. Remember, make sure you research the care needs of your pet BEFORE you bring it home!

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    yeet and delete

    So I have a question indeed, is there any sort of calcium powder/dust and minerals/vitamins my beardie/reptile should be taking that you might recommend/have?
    What im also saying is, I need advice on bearded dragons and leopard geckos, and also which one should i get, ive been researching about the food, price, cleaning, everything for both the reptiles, for about half a year now, and I STILL don't know much things, what are the simple yet important advice i should know about these two beautiful creatures?