Josh's Frogs Reptile And Amphibian Substrates

Introducing premium animal substrates from Josh's Frogs! Made from only the highest quality ingredients, acquired in bulk to guarantee low cost, and engineered by the experienced team of reptile and amphibian keepers at Josh's Frogs!


Josh's Frogs Reptile and Amphibian Substrates are rugged, proven multipurpose substrates that are perfect for many of the more commonly kept species of reptiles and amphibians, as well as many of the more uncommon animals. Josh's Frogs Reptile and Amphibian Substrates are sourced from renewable and environmentally friendly materials and natural plant products - frogs are not the only thing that's green at Josh's Frogs! We source only the most quality ingredients when making Josh's Frogs substrates, to insure your pets get the very best. Plus, we buy all of the materials in bulk to reduce cost. Not only do your animals benefit from Josh's Frogs Reptile and Amphibian Substrates - so does your wallet!

Josh's Frogs Dig-It substrate is specifically designed for burrowing animals in mind. Containing peat moss and vermiculite in a precise ratio, Joshs' Frogs' Dig-It premium reptile substrate is great at retaining humidity and allows for tunneling and burrowing. Dig-It also makes a great substrate for lay boxes, and is ideal for reptiles to lay their eggs in. Eggs are then removed and placed on one of Josh's Frogs Incubation Medias.Great for:

  • hermit crabs
  • tarantulas, scorpians, millipedes
  • fat tail geckos
  • terrestrial salamanders
  • egg lay boxes

Josh's Frogs Coco Cradle is crafted from finely ground coconut husk, a renewable resource. Coco Cradle is a very soft, absorbent bedding making it ideal for a variety of lizards snakes, tortoises, salamanders, frogs and other reptiles and amphibians that require moderate to high humidity, as well as invertebrates! Coco Cradle is easy to clean, retains humidity well and easy to use. Coco Cradle is also inexpensive, and made from a renewable resource!Great for:

  • crested geckos and day geckos
  • tropical tortoises
  • pac man frogs and tree frogs
  • anoles and other tropical lizards
  • tarantulas and other invertebrates

Josh's Frogs Coco Carpet is created from coconut husk, making it an environmentally friendly substrate. Coco Carpet is perfect for a wide range of lizards, snakes, tortoises, salamanders, frogs and other reptiles and amphibians that require moderate to high humidity. Coco Carpet is perfect for spiders, scorpions, tarantulas, millipedes, and other invertebrates as well! Coco Carpet is absorbent, easy to clean and facilitates burrowing. Clean, comfortable, and competitively priced - that's Coco Carpet from Josh's Frogs!Great for:

  • green iguanas
  • crested geckos
  • tarantulas, scorpions, and millipedes
  • red foot tortoises and other tropical tortoises
  • tropical snakes

Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark is a fantastic reptile substrate that won't bite your wallet! Mad from renewable resources, Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark is easy to clean, absorbent, and allows for burrowing, making it a perfect substrate for a wide variety of pet reptiles and amphibians. Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark is also much less expensive than many competing brands, making it a smart buy for your pet and your bank account!Great for:

  • green iguanas
  • blue tongue skinks
  • ball pythons, corn snakes, and red tail boas
  • box turtles
  • tegus

Josh's Frogs Awesome Aspen is an amazingly absorbent bedding crafted from a renewable resource. Awesome Aspen is a cut above the rest when it comes to quality and available at a great price. Perfect for various snakes, lizards and tortoises, Awesome Aspen is finely shredded to facilitate burrowing and make clean up a breeze. Josh's Frogs does not recommend using Awesome Aspen with reptiles that require high levels of humidity.Great for:

  • corn snakes
  • king and milk snakes
  • ball pythons
  • box turtles
  • blue tongue skinks

Josh's Frogs Desert Down is a refined paper product, excellent for reducing odors and absorbing waste. This lab-grade renewable resource is perfect for snakes, lizards, tortoises, and other reptiles and amphibians that do not have high humidity requirements. Desert Down also facilitates burrowing - a behavior often overlooked when choosing a substrate. Desert Down is also very absorbent of wastes and other liquids, and easy to change.Great for:

  • leopard geckos
  • ball pythons
  • corn snakes, king snakes, and milk snakes
  • bearded dragons
  • blue tongue skinks
Josh's Frogs also offers the most complete line of Naturalistic Vivarium Substrates available in the United States. Josh's Frogs Naturalistic Vivarium Substrates are the best on the market. Manufactured right here at Josh's Frogs, we've used these substrates for years with great success. Josh's Frogs Naturalistic Vivarium Substrates are ideal for creating your very own jungle at home! Perfect for poison dart frogs, day geckos, and other small species of reptiles and amphibians that thrive in tropical vivaria. For more information on naturalistic vivarium substrates and direction on how to use them, please read Vivariums: From the Ground Up.
Josh's Frogs False Bottom is the latest and greatest product in the vivarium world. False Bottom is the ideal bottom layer of substrate for a living terrarium or vivarium. Josh's Frogs False Bottom is environmentally friendly, made entirely of recycled material, and light weight. False Bottom retains moisture and provides a void at the bottom of your vivarium for excess water to go. Using Josh's Frogs False Bottom in a naturalistic vivarium fosters a humid environment, healthy soil conditions, and superior plant growth.
Josh's Frogs Substrate Barrier is placed between the False Bottom and ABG layers in a vivarium to prevent the substrate from pushing down into the false bottom. The substrate barrier keeps the substrate drier, improving growing conditions in the vivarium, as well as extending the life of the substrate. The substrate barrier can be cut or folded to fit in your specific enclosure. Josh's Frogs Substrate Barrier measures approximately 24"x18".
Josh's Frogs ABG Mix is a premium substrate for tropical vivariums. A precise blend of tree fern fiber, charcoal, sphagnum peat, long fiber sphagnum, and fir bark, this substrate is capable of lasting several years when used properly. Originally perfected by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens of Atlanta, Georgia, this substrate will support a sizable population of microfauna while allowing plants to thrive. It is a good idea to wet the substrate before placing it in the vivarium.
Josh's Frogs Live Moss is the perfect way to bring a piece of nature into your home. Under proper lighting and humidity, the live moss will green up and begin to spread, eventually creating a green jungle oasis in your vivarium that your reptile or amphibian pets will love. Live moss can be used as a ground cover, in conjunction with leaf litter, to recreate the floor of a primitive rainforest, or placed higher up in the vivarium to replicate a cloud forest. One thing's for sure - Josh's Frogs live moss is the boss! Josh's Frogs carries 3 types of moss: sheet moss, mood moss, and green tree shag moss.
Josh's Frogs Leaf Litter is an integral part of a naturalistic vivaria. It slowly breaks down, providing both organic food for the microfauna and plants in the tank. Leaf litter also provides hiding places and visual barriers for the larger inhabitants of the vivarium. It is the final layer in the vivarium. Leaf litter may consist of Live Oak, Sea Grape, Magnolia, or a combination of the three, or any other non-toxic leaf that is chemical-free. Typically, southern or tropical varieties of leaves are used, as these tend to be thicker, and take longer to break down in the vivaria. Josh's Frogs is committed to providing quality leaf litter to our customers.
Mastered the art of keeping reptiles and ready for the next step? Josh's Frogs Premium Incubation Medias are right for you! We've remastered traditional incubation media into a quality, professional mix that makes successfully hatching reptile eggs simple. Josh's Frogs Premium Incubation Medias hold humidity and slowly release water throughout the incubation process, resulting in a more stable environment for your eggs. Breed on with Josh's Frogs Premium Incubation Medias!
Josh's Frogs Vermiculite is an old standby of experienced reptile breeders. Vermiculite is considered by many to be the ultimate incubation media for many species of reptiles. Easy to use and inexpensive, Josh's Frogs vermiculite allows you to properly incubate and hatch healthy, robust offspring. Mix Josh's Frogs Vermiculite with water at a 1:1 ratio by weight to create a great incubating media. Water will evaporate throughout the incubating process, so make sure to add additional water to the vermiculite regularly.

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