How do I incubate Solomon Island Leaf Frog eggs?

A female Solomon Island Leaf Frog will deposit a clutch of 10-30 eggs in a 1-2" deep depression in the soil, which will be buried. Josh's Frogs recommends removing SILF eggs from the vivarium (baby SILFs will hatch in the vivarium, and may be eaten by the adults), and raising them on coconut fiber in a sealed plastic enclosure that is ventilated regularly. Make a small indent in the coconut fiber with your finger, and place the pea-sized eggs individually in these. Some eggs may mold over and go bad - remove these from the container as soon as mold appears.

Solomon Island Leaf Frog Eggs Incubating

Solomon Island Egg Clutch Incubating.

Several egg clutches may be laid in a year, so you'll get plenty of practice rearing Solomon Isle Leaf Frog eggs! After 6-8 weeks, small, fully formed Solomon Island Leaf Frogs will hatch. No tadpole stage with these guys!

Solomon Island Leaf Frog Egg

Solomon Island Egg, about 5 days before hatching.

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