How do I breed Solomon Island Leaf frogs?

Solomon Island Leaf Frogs are relatively easy to breed, as long as you have both sexes. Some believe that SILFs skew female heavy - more offspring are born female than male. While this was certainly true in our case (out of 10 SILFs we raised up, only 1 was a male!), many other hobbyists have experienced the opposite problem (all males), or have gotten a more even sex ratio. Male SILFs will produce a loud, barking/quacking call in an attempt to attract a mate. If successful, the female will deposit a clutch of 10-30 eggs in a 1-2" deep depression in the soil, which will be buried. Solomon Island Leaf Frogs eggs are about the size of a pea. Several egg clutches may be laid in a year.

Female SILF laying an egg

Female Solomon Island Leaf Frog laying an egg.

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