How do I sex Solomon Island Leaf Frogs?

Ceratobatrachus guentheri are never easily sexable. Both sexes may call, although males will call more often. Males may call as young as 4-5 months. Visually, SILFs are not sexable until 10-12 months of age. Male Solomon Island Leaf Frogs tend to be smaller than females, which often appear both longer and wider. Males may have 2 visible white lines running parallel on their body - some literature suggests this may be the frog's ureters. Breeding conditioned females may have visible eggs when their belly is examined. Josh's Frogs sells 2-3 month old juveniles that are not sexable unless otherwise noted.

Solomon Island Leaf Frog adult breeders male and female

Adult Solomon Island Leaf Frog breeding pair. Male on left, female on right.

Adult female solomon island leaf frog with eggs

Adult Female Solomon Island Leaf frog with eggs visible.

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