How should I set up my Adult Solomon Island Leaf Frog's habitat?

Solomon Island Leaf Frogs make amazing pets. Josh's Frogs recommends a 40B or 24x18x18 Vivarium for 1-3 adult leaf litter frogs. The enclosure must be spacious, or else your frogs will damage their noses. This will heal over time, but will never look the same. Enclosures should have a screen top to allow for proper ventilation.

Adult Solomon Island Leaf Frog vivarium

A substrate of coconut fiber works well. Provide 2-4" of substrate, as Leaf Frogs like to dig into the substrate, and need deeper substrate to bury their eggs. Also provide a layer of leaf litter to make the frogs feel at home. A few pieces of cork bark or similar cage decor is fine, as are real or fake plants. If you are using live terrarium plants, we recommend leaving the plants in pots, then burying the pots in the substrate - this will make it easier to remove the plants when you change the substrate.

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