Why are my poison dart frogs not breeding?

  1. They aren’t old enough. Most thumbnails can breed as early as 6 months out of the water, but larger frogs most often will not start breeding until they are over a year old. Tweaking variables to get them to breed sooner is at best futile and at worst unhealthy for the animals.

  2. They aren’t a pair. Be very wary of people selling “sexed pairs” of frogs that are younger than the ages in #1 above.

  3. You are bothering them. Once a year we clean off the slime on the front of our tanks for our open house. It takes most of our frogs about a month to start laying eggs again after this. Frogs love privacy, so provide lots of hiding spots and consider covering most/all of the sides of the tank.

  4. Your humidity levels are too low. At Josh’s Frogs our breeders are setup with zero ventilation. Dart frog eggs need very high humidity and the frogs will not lay when they know their eggs are just going to dry out.

  5. They aren’t healthy enough. Dusting your feeder insects with a calcium and multi-vitamin dust is important to prepare your frogs to breed.

  6. Your breeding spots aren’t in the right condition.

    1. Most frogs will turn down a dirty petri dish. Make sure you use are cleaning/replacing your petri dishes regularly.

    2. Film Canisters get dirty fast. We dump the water out and refill 2 times a week as it gets pretty nasty fast.

    3. Different frogs require different breeding spots. Some like petri dishes under cocohuts, some like empty film canisters, some prefer the sides of the glass, and others prefer film canisters full of water.

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