How do I take care of Amazon Milk Frogs?

Amazon Milk Frogs are one of the larger tree frogs in captivity. They are big, bold, easily handled when mature, and visually striking with their brown and white stripes, and blue toes. Amazon Milk frogs have a loud call at night.

Amazon Milk Frogs are also sometimes called Gold Mission Frogs due to their peculiar eyes.

Trade Name(s)

These frogs are most commonly called ‘Amazon Milk Frogs‘ presently, due to the milky white secretions that are released from the frog’s back when threatened (this rarely occurs with captive bred animals). In the past, Amazon Milk Frogs have also been called Amazon Cave Frogs, and Gold Mission Frogs, due to black markings on their eyes that resemble crucifixes.

Family & Scientific Name

Hylidae; Trachycephalus resinifictrix

Range & Origin

Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Tobago, French Guiana, British Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Basically, Amazon Milk Frogs can be found throughout the Amazonian Basin, below 800m in elevation.

Adult Size

Adult Amazon Milk frogs can measure from 3” to 5”, with females being larger than males.Amazon Milk Frogs will continue to grow throughout their lives, and older animals can be quite large.

Adult amazon milk frogs can get quite large.

Life Span

Captive life span of the Amazon Milk Frog is unknown, but suspected to be in the 5-10 year range, based on experience with similar species.


Being large frogs, Amazon Milk Frogs require a large enclosure. A 29g aquarium or 18x18x24 Terrarium is a good sized enclosure for 2-4 Amazon Milk Frogs. The enclosure should provide plenty of perching areas, such as wood branches or vines, as well as live plants or fake plants. A large water bowl is a necessity. Josh’s Frogs offers Complete Tree Frog Kits that are perfect forAmazon Milk Frogs.

The complete tree frog kits offered by Josh’s Frogs are perfect for Amazon Milk Frogs


For younger Amazon Milk Frogs, moist paper towel or coconut fiber is preferred. For adultAmazon Milk Frogs, either of the above substrates can suffice. Adult Amazon Milk Frogs can also be kept above water instead of a substrate. All substrate should be changed frequently. Josh’s Frogs offers Tankless Tree Frog Kits that come with the substrate and supplies you need for yourAmazon Milk Frog.

Coconut fiber, such as Josh’s Frogs Coco Cradle, makes a great substrate for amazon milk frogs.


Amazon Milk Frogs can tolerate temperatures between 70-85F, and seem very tolerant of temperature swings. Ideally, keep Amazon Milk Frogs in the mid/high 70s. A 5-10F temperature drop at night is ideal. A good Thermometer and Hygrometer is recommended to keep track of environmental conditions.

Social Structure

Amazon Milk Frogs do great in groups. Overly amorous males may harass females on occasional, but Amazon Milk Frogs typically coexist peacefully in groups.

Amazon Milk Frogs are voracious eaters, consuming anything that moves and fits into their mouth. A staple diet of appropriately sized crickets is a great place to start. Add other feeder insects such as wax worms, roaches, horn worms, and meal worms, with the occasional pinky mouse appreciated. All feeder insects should be dusted with the proper vitamin/mineral supplement.

Many feeder insects can be kept easily at home with care kits, such as the Cricket Care Kitabove from Josh’s Frogs.

Amazon Milk Frogs are big frogs, and as such, can make a big mess. Water bowls should be cleaned daily and scrubbed out with hot water. Change the substrate at least once a week, and clean the enclosure and decor with a 5% bleach solution. If paper towel is used as a substrate, it should be cleaned daily.

Young Amazon Milk Frogs can be fragile, and should not be handled on a regular basis. Once your Amazon Milk Frog is 2” or larger, it can be handled with some frequency. Make sure to moisten your hands before handling your Amazon Milk Frog, and always wash with warm water and soap afterward.

Handling young amazon milk frogs is not recommended, but adults will tolerate occasional handling.

Amazon Milk Frogs are a fairly new species to the pet trade, and continue to grow in popularity. These large, bold, easily kept frogs are sure to become more common as time progresses, and continue to win people over with their attractive pattern and ease of care.



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