Should I buy a captive bred or wild caught Bumble Bee Toad?


When possible, always choose captive bred animals as pets.

Captive Bred vs Wild Caught Bumble Bee Toads
Whenever possible, a responsible animal keeper should always pursue captive bred animals. Not only is the collection of these animals not threatening wild populations, but captive bred animals generally are already adapted to captivity. Additionally, captive bred animals are much less likely to have problems associated with parasites and disease than their wild caught analogs. Better yet, acquire animals directly from the breeder when possible. Not only will the animals be less stressed in the long run (the animals are going straight from the breeder to you, instead of going through several different sets of hands and being shipped multiple times), but doing so will provide you the opportunity of asking any questions you may have about your new pets. At Josh’s Frogs, we strive to breed all of the animals we sell.

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