How do I take care of Bumble Bee Toad Eggs?


Bumble Bee Toad eggs, after 24-36 hours of development.

Bumble Bee Toad Egg Care
If properly cycled bumble bee toads are placed in the rain chamber, expect calling almost immediately, and amplexus within this first 24 hours. If all goes well, within 1-3 days long strands of gray colored eggs should be found hanging off of the java moss and plastic plants a few inches below the surface. Any eggs found not attached to plants should be quickly removed, as these eggs will typically go bad and grow a fungus, which can quickly cause healthy eggs to spoil. Eggs will develop a small ridge within 12 hours if fertile, and resemble tadpoles within 2 days. Eggs can hatch in 3-5 days, depending on temperatures.

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