What should I feed Bumble Bee Toads?


Bumble Bee Toads do well on a diet of fruit flies. Younger toads will eat melanogaster, while older animals will eat hydei.

Feeding your Bumble Bee Toads
Bumble bee toads are microphagus, meaning that they consume small food items. Reportedly, a large portion of the diet of a wild bumble bee toad is termites. Fortunately, bumble bee toads do quite well on other, more easily procured prey items in captivity. At Josh’s Frogs, we feed our adult bumble bee toads primarily hydei fruit flies, as well as springtailsisopodsextra small phoenix worms, and 1/8 inch crickets. Young bumble bee toads start life feeding on baby springtails. At the size Josh’s Frogs sells captive bred bumble bee toads, they are eating melanogaster fruit flies. All prey items should be dusted with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement.

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