What temperature and humidity level do my Bumble Bee Toads need?

Temperature and Humidity Requirements of Bumble Bee Toads
Due to the environment form which they inhabit in Paraguay, bumble bee toads can tolerate a wide temperature and humidity range. The secret to keeping your bumble bee toads happy and healthy is to avoid the extremes. Bumble bee toads can tolerate temperatures from 40F to over 90F, but ideally are kept at about room temperature, in the low 70s. In the wild, precipitation and humidity fluctuates widely based on season. Bumble bee toads can handle a wide range of humidity levels, but cannot tolerate a humidity level over 70% or so indefinitely – this has done many a bumble bee toad in. Aim for a humidity level of 50-60%. Routine spraying and a full screen top will aid in providing proper humidity levels. It is important to check the temperature and humidity often, with use of a thermometer and/or hygrometer.

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