How do I house my Bumble Bee Toads?


Bumble Bee Toads do not require a naturalistic vivarium, but can do well in one.

Housing your pet Bumble Bee Toads
Housing bumble bee toads can be very simple. These anurans do not require much space, as they really will not utilize it. Something the size of a large critter keeper can house 1-2 adults, while a 10 gallon could house 4-6 bumble bee toads. Bumble bee toads seem to be completely passive towards each other, and do great in groups. Ventilation is a must, as these toads will not tolerate high humidity for very long. A screen top will help provide this.
Substrate recommendations vary considerably, but ground coconut fiber works well for Josh’s Frogs. Alternatively, you can set up a vivarium using Josh’s Frogs naturalistic vivarium substrates, similar to keeping dart frogs. Provide items for your bumble bee toads to hide under, such as acork bark flat or leaf litter. The bumble bee toads will spend much of the time hiding under such objects. A shallow water bowl should be provided, as well. Bumble bee toads are not known for their climbing abilities, but they will appreciate a small bit of vivarium wood or live terrarium plantsto climb on.
Lighting is for any live plants provided, and not required by bumble bee toads. There is no evidence that bumble bee toads benefit from UVB lighting, but a low level UV bulb, such as a 2.0 UVB bulb, may be beneficial.


Bumble Bee Toads do great in groups.

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