T5 Bulbs as a Vivarium or Terrarium Light Source

T5 and T5 High Output Fluorescent Lighting

T5HO bulbs do a great job of lighting a vivarium, but the lighting will not extend to the bottom of a tall vivarium.

T5 lighting is an upgrade to T8 bulbs. T5s are narrower, but they produce considerably more light and heat, and consume more energy. I use T5 bulbs in my frog room, which can take advantage of the extra byproduct heat (it’s a basement in Michigan). Popular in the hydroponics industry, there are many different brands available – most of which are appropriate for use with the home vivarium.

T5 fixtures are often sold with bulbs – the included reflectors greatly improve the efficiency of the bulb.

          Pros: produce a lot of light, more energy efficient than other lights

          Cons: produce heat (can be vented or used to raise tank temperatures), can be a little expensive

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