How do I plant an Epiphytic Orchid?

Planting an epiphytic orchid species/hybrid is relatively easy. Make sure that you've selected an area that will receive the light levels, water, and air circulation that specific orchid needs. Next, follow the simple steps below:

Using Bamboo Skewers/toothpicks to Mount an Epiphyte

This technique best works on easily pierced background materials, such as great stuff backgrounds (click here to see how to build one) or tree fern panels.


  1. Wrap base of epiphytic orchid in damp sphagnum moss. Stick a bamboo skewer into the background next to the plant at an angle, being careful not to stab the plant or roots.

  2. Stick a second bamboo skewer into the background on the other side of the epiphytic orchid so that it intersects the first bamboo skewer, and pins the epiphytic orchid to the background.

  3. Cut off excess parts of bamboo skewers, leaving just enough behind to pin the epiphytic orchid to the background.

  4. Bamboo skewers should now not be visible. Insure that the orchid is securely mounted to the background, and will not fall off.

  5. Dress with Josh’s Frogs sheet moss. This greatly improves the appearance vs bare sphagnum moss, in my opinion.

  6. Thoroughly mist the epiphytic orchid, and insure that the moss is never allowed to completely dry out. Misting frequency and duration will depend on the type of plant and ventilation in the vivarium. DO NOT let standing water remain on the orchid's leaves for any significant amount of time.

For more tips on mounted epiphytic orchids, please read our article on How to Mount Epiphytes in a Tropical Vivarium.

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