What is an epiphytic Orchid?

Epiphytic plants do not grow in the ground - they grow on things - on other plants (such as bromeliads), rocks, and the like. With the huge diversity of orchids present in the world, it comes as no surprise that many of them are also epiphytic. Fortunately, many of these epiphytic orchids do quite well in a tropical naturalistic vivaria. In general, epiphytic orchids need moderate humidity, bright light, and moderate to high ventilation. Epiphytic orchids will NOT tolerate standing water on their leaves, and need to be rooted in a well-draining substrate, or mounted in such a way that allows for water to easily drain away from the orchid's roots. Josh's Frogs recommends thoroughly researching the needs of each specific species/hybrid of epiphytic orchid you plan to utilize - more information is available on each specific plant page on www.JoshsFrogs.com. Below are some of the more popular species of epiphytic orchids we work with:

epiphytic orchid for sale

Brassocattleya 'Star Ruby' Orchid - Brassavola nodosa x Cattleya Batalinii is prized for it's bright, colorful flowers. Brassocattleya 'Star Ruby' Orchid at Josh's Frogs are smaller varieties, suitable for tropical vivaria. Brassocattleya 'Star Ruby' Orchid at Josh's Frogs are a variety that has light red blooms. Brassocattleya 'Star Ruby' Orchid are not in bloom at the time of sale, but are approaching blooming size. Brassocattleya 'Star Ruby' Orchid is a hybrid of Brassavola nodosa and Cattleya Batalinii. Read more on the Josh's Frogs Brassocattleya 'Star Ruby' Orchid page.

vanilla orchid for sale

Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla Orchid is the plant that produces 'vanilla beans', the origin of vanilla. Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla Orchid at Josh's Frogs is a vine about 4"-6" long, and suitable for tropical vivaria. Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla Orchid typically does not reach a mature size in a vivarium, and does not commonly bloom. Read more on the Josh's Frogs Vanilla planifolia page.

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