How to Grow Anubias in a Vivarium

Anubias are a group of plants native to tropical Africa, where they grow primarily in rivers and streams that are apt to change water depth depending on season. Known for their green, broad leaves, Anubias is sturdy enough to support most smaller frogs, and can be used to provide egg laying sites for marginal or aquatic breeders.

Anubias are a great marginal plant, known for their large, green leaves and slow growth habit.

Anubias is known for it’s slow growth habit, and typically will only grow 1-2 leaves a month. Keep Anubias in low light, or else algae may grow on the leaves if the Anubias is grown aquatically. If the leaves are allowed to grow out of the water, keep them moist or in very high humidity. Anubias grow by stolons, green horizontal stem like growths that sprout leaves. This stolon cannot be buried in substrate, and is best tied to a surface using fishing line or cotton thread.

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