What does that mean? Crested Gecko Glossary

The gecko breeding has grown to enormous proportions as the years progress and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. There are many terms to learn if one wants to walk to walk and talk the talk. New acronyms, abbreviations and slang make it difficult to stay caught up…or even understand what people are saying in the first place. This guide includes the common terminology you will need to stay in loop.



1.1.1 (1.0, 0.0.1, etc…) – The first number character refers to the number of male geckos; the second number character refers to the number of female geckos; the third number character refers to the number of juvenile or unsexed geckos;

Example: 2.6.8 denotes two males, six females, and eight juvenile geckos

BFG – Big fat geckos brand; often in reference to the BFG Gecko Smoothie diet


BOI – Board of Inquiry®; Forum on FaunaClassifieds where buyers post feedback about sellers and transactions


CB – captive born (often refers to captive born and bred)


CBB – captive born and bred


CGD – crested gecko diet (usually in reference to the Repashy brand)


F1, F2, etc – filial one and filial two respectively; refers to the genetic proximity of offspring to wild caught parents;

Example: An F1 gecko has at least one wild caught parent, an F2 gecko has at least one wild-caught grandparent


FS – for sale


FT – for trade

FS/T – for sale or trade


FTS – floppy tail syndrome; a condition in which the gecko has a kink or curvature at the base of the tail;

SYR – FedEx “ship your reptile”; an overnight shipping service for live reptiles and amphibians

PM – private message


KK – Kritter Keeper (see also Exo Terra Faunarium)


LTC – long term captive; the gecko was taken from the wild but has been in captivity for a number of years, this term implies a healthy acclimation to captivity

QT – quarantine


MRP – meal replacement powder (in reference to the Repashy brand crested gecko diet)

MBD – metabolic bone disease; a condition in which a gecko either:

1) Develops in the egg without significant calcium for bone growth, and hatches with permanent physical deformities; usually a disfigured spine, jaw or limbs

2) Is deprived of the necessary calcium for growth and/or breeding and suffers from varying degrees of physical deformity; usually a disfigured spine, jaw or limbs


NARBC – North American Reptile Breeders Conference; six shows per year at three different locations, with both Tinley Park and Arlington locations attended by Josh’s Frogs


NFS – not for sale

NRBE – National Reptile Breeders Expo; Annual show in Daytona, FL


OBO – or best offer


OBRO – or best reasonable offer (typically a warning to “low-ballers”)

PFM – Pangea fruit mix; a great powdered diet to add to Repashy meal replacement powder


RTB – ready to breed; meets or exceeds the minimum weight and age for breeding


SVL – snout to vent length; a measurement taken from the snout and ending at the vent /cloaca


WC – wild caught or wild collected; an animal taken from the wild


WTB – want to buy


WTS – want to sell



Cal – abbreviation for “calcium”; a supplement needed in the diet of most insect and fruit-eating geckos


Dal – abbreviation for “Dalmatian”; in reference to spots on the gecko


Dubia – abbreviation for Blaptica dubia, a species of cockroach commonly fed to crested geckos

Repashy – abbreviation for “Repashy brand crested gecko Meal Replacement Powder”

Clark’s – abbreviation for “Clark’s gecko diet”


Crix – abbreviation for “crickets”


Pin – abbreviation for “pinstripe”; a dorsal pattern of the crested gecko


Harly – abbreviation for “harlequin”; a gecko with a pattern (contrasting color to the base) on the laterals and legs of the gecko


Het – abbreviation for “heterozygous,” not relevant to crested geckos or other new Caledonian species as of yet (this can be a red flag to new buyers!)


Mod – abbreviation for “moderator”; an individual with the authority to enforce the rules of an online forum or group


Poss – abbreviation for “possible”


Pr – abbreviation for “pair”


Prob – abbreviation for “probable”


Viv – abbreviation for “vivarium”; a live naturalistic enclosure, includes live plants and microorganisms all available at Josh’s Frogs


Other Slang:

Low-baller – someone who makes a very low price offer on a gecko for sale


Flipper – someone who buys animals at a low price only sell them immediately, usually without disclosure to the original seller



About the Author:

Lauren Phillips Joshs Frogs Crested Gecko Expert Lauren Phillips is a graduate student studying Tropical Conservation at Michigan State University. Lauren is currently in charge of tadpole husbandry and gecko-related inventory here at Josh’s Frogs. She owns and operates The Adventure Gecko, a small-scale business focusing on breeding New Caledonian gecko species. Check out her Facebook page.

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