What do I feed Blaptica dubia roaches?

At Josh’s Frogs, we feed our Blaptica dubia roaches a special diet that we formulate and make ourselves, Josh’s Frogs Roach Diet. Several years in the making, Josh’s Frogs Roach diet provides proper levels of protein and other nutrients essential to the health and growth of a Blaptica dubia roach culture. Josh’s Frogs Roach Diet also functions as a gut load for Blaptica dubia roaches, rendering them much more nutritious than Blaptica dubia roaches fed lower quality diets.

Blaptica dubia roaches also need to be provided with a moisture source. At Josh’s Frogs, we usepolymer water crystals to provide water to our Blaptica dubia roaches. Polymer crystals are by far the easiest and most convenient way to provide moisture to your Blaptica dubia roaches. They are inexpensive, easily stored and made ready for use, and do not go bad, unlike fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be provided to Blaptica dubia roaches. The use of springtails in a Blaptica dubia roach culture help to insure that vegetable matter does not mold over and threaten a culture.

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