What do I feed Springtails?

As with bedding, opinions vary greatly concerning what to feed your springtails. At JoshsFrogs.com, we exclusively use uncooked white rice. Dart frog keepers have used mushroom (both fresh and dried), fish food, vegetable scraps, and dog food with success. I’ve found that grain-based foods (such as dog food, breads, and the like) tend to attract mites, which will overrun the culture and eventually cause it’s downfall.


Springtails will not directly eat the food you are feeding the culture, but will feast on the mold that grows on it.

Remember, the springtails will not be eating the actual food placed in the culture, but will feed mainly on the mold that grows on it. With uncooked white rice, the mold forms a low-growing mat that allows us to go several weeks between feedings.

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