How to Culture Rice Flour Beetles

At Josh’s Frogs, we culture Confused Rice Flour Beetles on a special media we make ourselves, in order to insure the Confused Rice Flour Beetles we sell are raised on only the highest quality ingredients. Josh’s Frogs Rice Flour Beetle Media contains all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients Confused Rice Flour Beetles need to thrive, as well as color enhancers that are passed on to your pet reptiles or amphibians.

Choose a container that seals well, but is not airtight. A plastic shoebox works well when culturing Confused Rice Flour Beetles – this is the Confused Rice Flour Beetle culture container of choice at Josh’s Frogs. Place Josh’s Frogs Rice Flour Beetle Media in the container, to a depth of about 2”. Add Confused Rice Flour Beetles to the culture, and ignore the Rice Flour Beetle Culture for a few months. This wait period will give the Confused Rice Flour Beetles time to establish in the culture, before you feed any off to your pet reptiles or amphibians. Confused Rice Flour Beetles are tolerant of a wide variety of conditions, but will reproduce faster the warmer you keep the culture (up to about 85F). Do not provide a moisture source – Confused Rice Flour Beetles need a dry culture to do well, and excess moisture will cause the media to spoil. Every year, sift out all of the adult Confused Rice Flour Beetles and Confused Rice Flour Beetle larvae using a Rice Flour Beetle Media sifter, and replace the old media with new Josh’s Frogs Rice Flour Beetle Media

An established Confused Rice Flour Beetle culture. Notice 
that most adults (and all larvae) are typically buried in the substrate.

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